Do You Want to Enlist in the US Military?

June 26, 2019

You must have heard the US Navy rules the seas but have you ever wondered why is that the case? Watch this video and find out ⬇



Since many of our fans come to us with the question “How do I join the US military?” We have finally decided to do all the research and list down all the requirements that you need to fulfill in order to be a part of one of the most respected professions in this country.



According to, eligibility rules can be a little confusing. There are different rules for enlisting and for officer programs. 


Enlisting: Enlisted members do the hands-on work of the military. They need at least a high school degree (a GED may or may not suffice). 


Officer: Officers are the managers of the military. Most officer programs require a college degree at minimum, and are very competitive. Many officers have master's or higher degrees. 


There are also some basic qualifications that are required by all five service branches:


-You must be a US citizen or resident alien.
-You must be at least 17 years old (17-year old applicants require parental consent).
-You must (with very few exceptions) have a high school diploma.
-You must pass a physical medical exam.



But what if you do not possess citizenship of the United States? 


Well, you do not have to be a US citizen to enlist in the military, but you may have fewer options. For instance, the federal law prohibits non-citizens from becoming commissioned or warrant officers.


Also important to note is the fact that in order for a non-citizen to enlist in the military, they must:

-Have a permanent resident card, also known as a Green Card 
-Currently live in the U.S. 
-Speak, read, and write English fluently


Now that you have passed all the essential requirements here is an infographic which is going to provide almost all the information you need to know about the basic requirements and steps for joining the US military as an enlisted member.


Watch this video about the six lethal weapons used by the Marine Corps of the United States of America ⬇

Disclaimer: The appearance of US Department of Defense (DoD) visual information on this website does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. 



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