Russia-China War: 5 Weapons China Would Strike With

November 10, 2018

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Image: Reuters


According to the National Interest, in a future war, it is quite likely China will attempt to make Russia a landlocked country on its eastern border.


Relations between China and Russia are currently quite good but both countries would be in tremendous peril were the other an adversary. 


Large conventional forces, a long shared frontier, economic disruption and nuclear arsenals on both sides make a war between Asia’s juggernauts a nightmare scenario. 


If relations between the two countries suddenly went south, here are five Chinese weapons of war Russia should fear.


1. WU-14 Hyper-sonic Weapon System


On June 7th, China tested its WU-14 hyper-sonic weapon for the fourth time in eighteen months. 


Conception of China’s Advanced Hypersonic Weapon WU-14


Boosted by a re-purposed DF-21 intermediate-range missile to speeds of up to Mach 10, the unpowered weapon then glides to target. The high speed and flight profile of boost-glide weapons makes them difficult to intercept by conventional surface-to air-missiles and anti-ballistic missiles.


2. DF-10A Cruise Missile


The DF-10A's range with a 500 kilogram warhead is estimated to be approximately 941 miles. Accurate to less than ten meters , the DF-10A could be used by China to strike targets throughout Russia’s Far East and Siberia, flying in under Russian radar defenses and striking critical targets.


3. Chengdu J-20 Fighter


China’s first fifth-generation fighter, the J-20 is a large, twin-engine aircraft currently in development.


 Chengdu J 20 Fighter


The J-20’s mission set is currently unknown and the plane could eventually become a long-range air superiority fighter like the Su-27, long-range strike fighter like the F-15E Strike Eagle, or even a tactical bomber along the lines of the Russian Su-24. 


4. S-400 Surface to Air Missile System


The radar system is capable of tracking up to 100 targets at a time and engage twelve simultaneously. It also has some limited capability to detect stealthy and low-observable aircraft.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Aleksy Torysin


According to reports, China is purchasing six battalions of S-400s. Theoretically, six battalions could cover 2,400 kilometers of frontage, enough to cover sixty percent of the Sino-Russian frontier.


5. Type 071 Landing Platform Dock


China currently has four Type 071 amphibious landing platform ships, each capable of landing approximately a battalion of Chinese marines.


Each ship displaces 20,000 tons and is nearly 700 feet long. 


The Type 071 ships can carry a battalion of marines, roughly 400 to 800 troops, and up to 18 armored vehicles. The ship is equipped with both a well deck for launching amphibious craft and a helicopter hangar and landing deck for launching helicopters.



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Disclaimer: The appearance of US Department of Defense (DoD) visual information on this website does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. 

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