In Photos: The Fastest Missiles in Service by US Military

February 1, 2019




US Military: Advanced Weapons & Equipment

1. LGM-30G Minuteman III 


Missile display at the front gate of F E Warren Air Force Base
Source: Wyoming Tribune Eagle


LGM-30G Minuteman III is an intercontinental ballistic missile manufactured by Boeing having an approximate speed of 17,507 mph (Mach 23, or 28,176 km/h, or 7.8 km/s). 


2. UGM-133 Trident II


A UGM-133 Trident II Missile

Source: Naval Open Source INTelligence/ Blogspot


UGM-133 Trident II is a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) manufactured by Lockheed Martin Space Systems having an approximate speed of 18,030 mph (29,020 km/h) (Mach 24; 8,060 m/s)


3. AIM-7 Sparrow


An Australian F-18A Hornet fires an AIM-7 Sparrow missile.

Image: Wikipedia


The AIM-7 Sparrow is a medium-range, semi-active radar homing air-to-air missile manufactured by Raytheon. Its variants AIM-7A/B and AIM-7C/E/F posses the speeds Mach 2.5 Mach 4 respectively.


4. BGM-71 TOW


An M41 tripod-mounted TOW ITAS-FTL with PADS of the US Army in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

Image: Wikipedia


The BGM-71 TOW is an anti-tank missile, currently produced by Raytheon. It has the speed of 278–320 m/s and the ability to be equipped with infrared cameras for night time use.


5. MIM-104 Patriot


MIM-104 Patriot

Screengrab from YouTube


The MIM-104 Patriot is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) system with anti-ballistic missile capability. It is designed by Raytheon, Hughes, and RCA and has been deployed in Persian Gulf War, Iraq War, Syrian Civil War, Yemeni Civil War (2015–present).

Disclaimer: The appearance of US Department of Defense (DoD) visual information on this website does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. 

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