In Photos: Special Forces' Most Advanced War Equipment

December 9, 2018

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Green Berets are the Army’s most specialized experts in unconventional warfare.


Special Forces soldiers carry the most advanced equipment in order to complete the most sensitive missions. Below, you'll find some of the gear Green Berets use in the field.  


Ground Mobility Vehicle


Flyer 72 Ground Mobility Vehicles drive through an open area. (General Dynamics)


The Ground Mobility Vehicle is a lightweight, all-terrain vehicle that Special Forces Soldiers use for a variety of missions.


Sea-doo Search And Rescue


 Source: Golden Arrow Marine


Rugged and durable, the Sea-Doo SAR is easy to maneuver in open water, rivers and floodwaters. It offers many options to aid search and rescue operations.


Mk17 Scar


US Army Green Beret (Special Forces) soldier armed with a MK 17 SCAR-H while operating in Afghanistan/Reddit


The MK17 SCAR is a 7.62mm x 45mm shoulder-fired, gas-operated, select fire modular weapon system with a free-floating barrel. It is designed as a battle rifle for mid-range engagements beyond the capability of the M4 carbine.


Glock 19


US Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Sebo fires a Glock-19 pistol

US Army Photo by Sgt. Steven L. Galimore


The Glock 19 is low-visibility and can be carried concealed when dressed to meet the mission requirement. It is for self-defense and used as a last resort to evade hostile personnel.


Halo Helmet


 HALO jump/ Screen capture from YouTube


High-Altitude Low-Opening (HALO) jumps are made from extreme heights, requiring an oxygen supply. The high altitude allows entire teams, undetected by radar, to infiltrate a combat area.


Advance Ram Air Parachute System



Intruder RA-1 Army Ram Air Parachute system for military special forces.

Image: Airborne Systems


This parachute is specially designed for paratrooper's HALO jumps and can function reliably in severe environmental conditions.


Night Vision


US Army Pvt. Isaiah D. Brooks tests night vision gear prior to an evening weapons qualification

US Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Gary A. Witte


This advanced technology allows Special Forces Soldiers to see during night operations or in dark environments.




 US military Emerson Oxygen Re-breather via Rebreather World


The Re-Breather is a simple underwater breathing device allowing Special Forces Soldiers to navigate rivers and streams unnoticed.


M-4 Carbine


US Army Paratroopers engage a target with an M4 carbine during a live-fire exercise

US Army photo by Paolo Bovo


The M-4 Carbine rifle is lightweight and customizable, making it the Special Forces Soldier's ideal choice for a wide variety of small-unit missions.  


Nett Warrior


US Army Special Forces Nett Warrior via Powerstick


Nett Warrior is an integrated dismounted leader situational awareness system for use during combat operations.


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Disclaimer: The appearance of US Department of Defense (DoD) visual information on this website does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. 

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