In Photos: FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missile

June 6, 2018

Light to carry and easy to operate, the FIM-92 Stinger is a passive surface-to-air missile that can be shoulder-fired by a single operator. It can be adapted to fire from a wide variety of ground vehicles and helicopters (as an AAM).


Developed in the US, it entered service in 1981 and is used by the militaries of the United States and by 29 other countries. 


The missile is 5.0 ft (1.52 m) long and 2.8 in (70 mm) in diameter with 10 cm fins. The missile itself weighs 22 lb (10.1 kg), while the missile with launcher weighs approximately 34 lb (15.2 kg)


US Military/ Marine Corps photos by multiple photographers.


Disclaimer: The appearance of US Department of Defense (DoD) visual information on this website does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. 
















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